Halloween/Christmas Update Farming Base for Town Hall 9 (2015) 2



It can be really annoying to remove those awesome Halloween Headstones and Christmas Trees that aren’t on the very edge of your base because you need to space to make a certain layout. I designed the following base to avoid this issue, and make it so when these special decorations spawn, they will only spawn on the very edge of your village.


It looks pretty awesome IMO, and it has defended pretty well for me. It has centralized Clan Castle and Heroes, and since people can only put troops on the outer green layer of your base, it makes it just that much harder to lure 🙂 Other people create base that accomplish the task of having the awesome decorations spawn on the very edge, but often times they just scatter the walls barely far away enough from each other so it works out. If you make this base design, #1 people won’t think it’s some base that is easy to defeat, #2 plants will spawn on the very edge like you want and #3 you can brag about both of these things to your clan members. XD