Super Queen Dark Elixir Farming 1

This is one of the most effective ways to start earning Dark Elixir as a Town Hall 9! Super Queen uses healers, Archer Queen and Minions. It is really significant how the Healers and the Queen work together because they both have crazy range. Since the Queen shoots five blocks away, the Healers are double the distance of the object getting shot by the Queen! This means while she is shooting the Air Defense, it won’t even touch one of your several Healers.

As a Town Hall 9 there are several different ways you could separate this army but the way I do it, and the way I have found most simple, is 10 Healers, 10 Wall Breakers and 30 Minions. Any amount of Jump Spells (only one will need to be used at most in a single raid), 1 Poison Spell and the rest Rage Spells.

You start the raid by removing outside buildings with the minions. This is so your Queen does not stray, and walk around the base. When all of the outside buildings are destroyed on one side of the base, you will want to place your Archer Queen, followed by all of your healers. You can place your Wall Breakers one by one and soon there will be a path for your Queen. Worse case scenario, you have your jump spell to help you out. Your Queen will survive after every raid if you have successfully performed the attack, which means you can start another attack shortly.

Note: I will soon have pictures to go with this attack guide.